Friday, 27 November 2020

Masks Masks Masks

Sorry for the delay in posting and reading posts - my days just disappear in a blur! I've been posting queued posts that I wrote a while ago when I found my blogging mojo - which I have found again now!

I've been busy making more masks over the past couple of months. I use the template and pattern from Sew Scrumptious, which seem to be working quite well! I have a bit of a love hate relationship with mask making. I weirdly enjoy it, and am quite chuffed at making them so neat and matching, and it's nice to have such quick finishes. However, they do take time and it's not quite the sort of thing I ever thought I'd be making. If we need them for much longer, I may start having to pattern match!

This batch is my most recent finish - some The Child masks for my father-in-law; some cows and sheep for my grandad-in-law and some hot pink masks for a teacher friend who only owned one:

A little close up of The Child masks. You can't quite see, but my top stitching thread matched the green on the front beautifully! Also featuring a pocket to put a filter in:

And a close up of the pink masks, as well as the stunning thread I used to top stitch it! It's an Aurifil thread called Berrylicious, and has shades of pink and blue that really are my favourite. Now to find more excuses to use it:

I also finally found an excuse to buy some Viking Adventure fabric from Lewis and Irene for the husband! As he is having to wear them every day in school, we decided that he could do with a few more. I decided to use gold elastic - it just suited somehow!

I also made use of some leftover zebra fabric that you may recognise - husband really likes it and wanted a mask in it. Both types got top stitched in yet more Aurifil variegated thread - a green/yellow/red/white that I'm not too sure of the name of.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Toile Dress Progress

So a while ago now I started making a toile of the Sew Over It Rosie dress, using a duvet cover from Aldi. You can read about the start here if you want to.

At the start of October I finally found the motivation to get it finished. I've realised I didn't take many photos, unusually for me, but will post what I have.

The dress got me using some new techniques. It needed a bodice with lining and boning in. It was a little time consuming to do, but worked well. I made Darren laugh as I sat sewing the boning in wearing big sunglasses in case my needle broke - I had decided my science safety goggles were too over-the-top for some reason!

I also had to gather the skirt which took a long time. It's not as even as it could be, especially because by the end of all the gathering I was just relieved I got the skirt small enough!

The straps were rouleau and I spent so long turning them from inside out, as I didn't have the right tool for the job! I'll either be making the wider straps or getting a loop turner when I make this again! It took about an hour to turn them the right way round in the end!

I have turned out with quite a fun toile! It fits well so I will probably wear it when the weather warms up a little again (or with a very thick cardigan!). It's been a bit manky for my normal garden photoshoot so you just get a shot of me in the house instead.

The same weekend I finished the dress, I decided to try some baking. I had seen a post on Instagram of some lovely homemade Belgian Buns and thought I could make my own. I used the BBC Good Food recipe here.

I think they turned out pretty well, especially considering I have never made bread-type dough before! They held up well to the taste test in any case!

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Tumbling Spool Mug Rug Swap Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about taking part in the Tumbling Spool Swap. This was hosted and organised by Jo at the Crafty Nomad. You can read about it here.

I have now received my mug rug from the lovely Nikki:

The colours are so amazing! I absolutely love it.

Nikki also sent me some funky socks as she wears a lot of fun socks. They remind me of quilting a bit! And the chocolate was so yummy with a couple of cups of tea.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

WIPocalypse October 2020

It's time for my monthly check in for this SAL. I haven't been doing too much on my WIPocalypse list, but enough to post about!

As always, just a brief explanation of the SAL for anyone not in the know: it was started 9 years ago by Measi at Measi's Musings. The aim is to stitch on as many projects you can before the end of the world (or to stop the end of the world). Head over to Measi's blog here to see what everyone else has been up to.

At the start of the year, I wrote a list of projects to complete and sorted them into 'musts' and 'potentials'. I have been steadily checking them all off, and this month I have another big completion (well, technically September but it still counts).

I completed my Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams Sleeping Beauty cross-stitch! This was in my 'potential' list and my aim was to make a dent in it - I definitely managed that!

That's the only thing I have been working on from my WIPocalypse list - I'm definitely working on a new list for next year!

Each month, Measi asks us a question. This months is:

How do you choose what you are going to stitch on next?

I essentially pick what takes my fancy. Or the project that has the biggest time pressure. I tend to have several projects on the go, but only one of each type of craft I do (so cross-stitch, crochet, sewing and quilting). I'll rotate between them again depending on what takes my fancy, or what has the biggest time pressure. I must admit that Sleeping Beauty took over every craft and every spare minute in the run up to it being finished!

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Tumbling Spool Mug Rug Swap

Like I mentioned in a previous post, even though I haven't been blogging, I have been doing a lot of sewing. I decided to sign up for a Mug Rug swap, hosted by Jo at The Crafty Nomad. Like most swaps, the idea is you sign up (with some details about colour preferences in this case), make your mug rug for someone assigned to you and send it on. I'm currently at the point where mine is made, and we're all waiting for confirmation to send them! There was only one slight catch - the pattern involved Foundation Paper Piecing, which I'd never tried. But that was part of the appeal; such a good excuse to learn it.

Jo has lots of helpful hints on her website, and a great instructional video. I purchased some must have items - an add-a-quarter inch ruler, a seam roller (both from The Cotton Patch) and some FPP paper, from PatternTrace:

The paper is really cool. You can print onto it, and then use it for the FPP. It's thinner than normal paper, so a bit easier to sew through, and tore out easily when I wanted it to. I've obviously no other paper to compare it to, but I recommend it!

It took a bit of time to get prepared. Lots of cutting out of small pieces (the mug rug is about 6 inches square, so not huge). All the fabric featured was bought in Backstitch. I loved the diagonal stripey one - it is perfect as a spool of thread!

It was such a satisfying technique. I found a couple of pieces a bit tricky as I couldn't quite work out how to align them with the paper. But it turns out I was overthinking; all the fabric pieces are bigger than the paper and need trimming using the 1/4 inch ruler. Once I remembered that, it was nice and straightforward!

The only thing I'm not 100% happy about is my quilting - for some reason, I seemed to loose the ability to be neat. However, I am pleased with the overall effect and am itching to try some more FPP!

Sunday, 11 October 2020

An Epic Finish

Well this seemed like the best place to start my catch up - with a finish!

At the start of September, I achieved a surprising finish: my Sleeping Beauty cross-stitch! Considering my Beauty & the Beast one took 5 years, I was expecting this one to take a little longer. Overall, it took 2 and a half years, give or take a day.

Here's a before back-stitching and French knots:

And here's an after:

I became a little obsessed with it towards the end; every other project got ignored, as did books and some housework (I did enough that it didn't drive me bonkers whilst stitching). There were so many French knots - I really think I have perfected them now! There wasn't much of the shiny thread, which was a shame. It's only in the sun and windows of the cottage, but does the trick nicely.

Just some little details (including an owl with alarmingly large eyes!):

It's now tucked away with Beauty & the Beast until all 5 are ready to frame. Based on the relative speed I made this one with, I think I will be popping to a framer much sooner than I thought!

Saturday, 10 October 2020

It's Been A While

Just a quick little post. Sorry for being awol for a little bit - I've found it hard to focus on blogging and computers in general after spending all day working on one!

It has meant I have been doing a lot of crafting in the evening and weekends, so I have plenty to post about! Here's a little sneak peek:

I'm going to spend the next few days getting some posts queued, so they are there on weeks when I'm not feeling 'bloggy'. Hopefully that works! Looking forward to catching up with what you all have been doing too! Be ready for a fair few comments coming your way...

Masks Masks Masks

Sorry for the delay in posting and reading posts - my days just disappear in a blur! I've been posting queued posts that I wrote a while...