Monday, 24 February 2020

Crochet jumper progress

I have really been feeling my craftjo this past couple of months, so I am taking advantage of that!

I am determined to get this jumper finished before the weather gets warm (although, the way the weather is in the UK that could be a fair while away!). I haven't done anything on it since the end of January, but I feel it is progressing well.

I got the ribbing done and started on the body, but ended up unravelling up to the ribbing as my tension was off by about an inch. It was a little frustrating but I'm glad I made the decision as my tension was much better the second time. Not perfect, but not so far out!

With a bit of dedication in January, and a sewing afternoon with my friend Jo, I have managed to get the first part of the body finished:

The next step is to make 2 arms, then attach them to the body, add a few more rows and then onto the colourful bit! Not much left to go at all!


Karen's Korner said...

That is coming along nicely even with the set back. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is England, you have months to finish this LOL
Doesn't look like you will need it though, you're making great progress.

Kaisievic said...

Great progress, Bethan.

Vicki said...

Looking really good.

Sandy said...

Hi, popped in from a mutual friends blog post. It's always fun to meet new bloggers. Your 2nd try looks nice and smooth. I can see what you mean about the tension. Today we actually have sun, haven't seen it in a while. Central Ohio in the States and it was 16 this's still not warm, only got up to 24 so the jumper/sweater would be needed here for a good long while yet. Stay warm and keep stitching. Do swing by for a visit.
Sandy's Space

Astrids dragon said...

You'll have plenty of time to finish and wear it for the spring and maybe even early summer! It looks lovely so far.

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