Saturday, 7 September 2019

A Rainbow Finish

Straight off the back of finishing the pattern weights, I launched straight into a new project. This time it was the Joni dress from the book Stretch by Tilly and the Buttons. The fabric had been bought with this project in mind about a year ago from The Village Haberdashery.

My sewing day with Hannah was spent tracing a pattern and cutting out material - it always takes much more time than you would think!

I had to source some clear elastic for the pattern. I ended up going into the city centre after work on the hottest Thursday in July - Cambridge turned out to be the hottest place in the country that day. Yay to me for sensible shopping decisions! But I wanted to buy the elastic rather than ordering it and waiting. I didn't end up sewing until a couple of days later, as it was just too hot!

I ended up sewing the dress across two nights. The elastic was a bit tricky, as I had to unpick it and sew some fresh elastic. I just hadn't given enough space between the sewing and the edge of the elastic in a few places, and wanted to make sure it was good enough.

The next challenge was the twist. Which seems a lot more technical than it is I think. My staystitching could be hidden better, but the twist worked out really well.

The longest job was the hem - the skirt had a lot of hem to do! But it was very satisfying as it was the last sewing part of the job!

I had set myself a deadline on the Monday to have the dress finished by the Friday, as me and the sisters were going to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat in London. I actually made the deadline! The show was amazing, and the dress was very appropriate!


Astrids dragon said...

Wow, I love the way it turned out, it looks great on you! And yes, the perfect dress to see Joseph!

Vicki said...

Look great. You make it sound so simple!

Lin said...

Great work Bethan - your dress looks fantastic and entirely appropriate for the show! xx

Katie said...

Wow! Love the way it turned out. Great job!

Karen's Korner said...

WOW you did a fantastic job on the dress.

Faith... said...

I love that fabric and the dress looks perfect! Great job on it!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That dress is awesome! It really suits you too. I love the way it makes the photo background look black and white!
We had a day trip to Cambridge again this Summer. I really like it there. Especially the Fudge Kitchen!

White Rose said...

Hi Bethan wow your dress is amazing and so full of colour,yes just perfect to go and see Joseph and the Technicolor dreamcoat,so glad you enjoyed the show xx

FlashinScissors said...

Wow! Bethan! You were very brave to sew such a dress, and with the stripey fabric too! What a wonderful finish!
And it was just right for your trip to “Joseph”!
Love your photos ..... the dress (and it’s photos) look so professional ..... and the photos of the theatre look so atmospheric!
Well done you!
Barbara xx

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