Sunday, 24 February 2019

February WIPocalypse check in

I've now set a phone alarm to try and make sure my check-ins are a little more timely than my first one! I can' believe we're already at the end of February - it has flown by. So now it is time for my second WIPocalypse check in.

The WIPocalypse is hosted by Measi's Musings and the aim is to share (and ideally complete) projects we wish to finish before the End of the World.

This month's question is What do you listen to while stitching?
This tends to fluxuate but I either have TV shows or films on in the background; these tend to be things like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Grey's Anatomy etc. Otherwise I have audiobooks playing. Generally these are books I know well, such as Harry Potter or the Belgariad.
It totally depends on my mood, but it will always be something I know well, as otherwise I will sit and watch/listen too intently and not do any stitching!

This month, I have had my cross-stitching bug renewed, so have spent a lot of time working on my Disney cross-stitch. I also hit a year of working on it already!

I also started to cut out and sew a shirt dress. I made a toile a little while ago, so now it's time to brave making the actual thing. It's the most fitted piece of clothing I will have made and it's a little terrifying! 

I started it during my sewing day I have in the holidays with Hannah, who lives around the corner from me. I aim to finish it in the next week or so, so watch this space! I did spend a lot of time crawling around cutting out, so didn't actually sew too much. I then got annoyed by doing some zig-zagging and the material bunching up. I think I've fixed that problem - hopefully!

Friday, 22 February 2019

IHSW February

I actually managed to take part this month - and had even planned to do so!
For those that don't know, International Hermit and Stitch Weekend happens the third weekend of every month, both in blog and Facebook world. It is a chance to sit and stitch, from Friday to Sunday if possible.

The lovely Jo hosts a link-up here.

This weekend I was really in the mood to work on my Disney cross-stitch. Over the course of the weekend, I hit my one year point; one year since starting this piece! Hopefully it will take less than 4 years; my current record for a Disney cross-stitch this size.

I usually stitch from the centre out, picking the colours that are most common in certain areas. I'm finding that this piece has lots of bitty colours, so have changed my technique. I am now working through each colour in the order they appear on the thread cards. 6 colours in and I am getting a little impatient, as I seem to have found a lot of colours that don't have a lot of threads or stitches.

But progress is being made. Can you spot the three characters forming on this page?

Darren also found a great light that is now in my corner of the room - perfect for sewing and reading. I'm looking forward to trying it out this evening! It does have a remote control which he currently has in his possession however, and he's having a lot of fun trying it out!

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