Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 Goals Review

Back in January (which feels both ages ago and not that long ago at all!), I set myself some crafting targets.

Here they are, with how I did!

To Finish:
  • Beauty and the Beast cross-stitch - FINISHED
  • Baby quilt for work colleagues (by February) - FINISHED AND GIFTED
  • Crochet doll and dress-up clothes - DOLL FINISHED. CLOTHES IN PROGRESS

To Learn:
  • How to embroider - NOT DONE
  • How to English Paper Piece - NOT DONE

Would Like to Work On:
  • Beauty and the Beast material - NOT DONE

Overall I think I have done quite well - especially considering all the other projects I completed! I think Beauty and the Beast and my advent calendar have to be my favourites, followed by the baby quilt I made this Autumn. I also may not have learnt how to embroider or EPP but I did learn how to make a dress out of jersey, among other dressmaking skills (pictures of all 4 below).

Thank you to everyone who has read my posts, commented and given me advice, as well as given me wonderful blogs to read. Here's to a wonderful 2019 and lots more crafting!

Friday, 21 December 2018

Advent Calendar Blog Hop

As it is the 21st December (finally!) in the UK, it is my turn to post in Jo's amazing Advent Calendar Blog Hop.

Jo has posed us a question - what is my favourite Christmas song? I must admit that I have really struggled with an answer! I have tried to decide between classics like Wizzard's 'I wish it could be Christmas', Band Aid, and more traditional songs like '12 Days of Christmas'.

But I think my favourite has to be Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Mainly because I was in a choir until the age of 18, and it was such fun to sing. Especially the descant in the last verse - I remember being very proud when I was able to hit all those high notes! Not something I can do anymore, particularly as my voice has decided it wants to take a holiday this week. Hopefully this link will take you to the song.

I bizarrely don't have much Christmas stitching, but the one I do have I am incredibly proud of. It is the advent calendar I made myself this year (and a rather apt choice for an Advent Calendar blog hop!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, or festive break

Sunday, 16 December 2018

OPAM November

Now, don't be too shocked but I have actually managed a few more finishes! Considering this is my busiest time of year work-wise, I'm very amazed I've managed it. It has however taken me about half a month to post this!

The first finishes are my 5 mug rugs, which were all in varying states of finished. I have done a full post about them, so just a picture for you to enjoy:

The second finish is a surprise item commissioned by my big brother. More to follow after Christmas, but it took me out of my comfort zone as I had no pattern to follow - just photos of his idea!

Thank you as always to Peg and Kris for hosting

Saturday, 8 December 2018

A Spot of Applique

In my continuing race through projects, I decided on what I was going to do with some Harry Potter material I bought.
(Yes, I bought material without a proper plan for it, other than 'it will be something for the little sister'. I am now ignoring my own rules!)

I have decided to make a cushion, with the Hogwarts crest appliqued onto it. I sketched it out, and made some quick pattern pieces for it.

Now just decided whether to sew the pieces together before appliqueing them onto the cushion front itself....any advice is welcome

A couple of random additions to my post...I picked up this rather lovely pin this weekend. It's designed by a Cambridge-based Etsy seller, Pink Coat Club who has now branched out into a website. She does lots of lovely items but I thought this would be perfect for my pin badge collection!

And I finally gifted the rainbow cowl I made last year. Here it is being modeled by my friend Becky's dog, Brienne. Apparently Brienne was most annoyed when the cowl was taken off her and Becky wore it!!

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Mug Rugs - A Year in the Making

I have had a huge spurt of getting projects done recently - it's quite nice making a dent in the project bags (just so I can fill them again!!!). I've also had quite a few small victories - relatively quick little projects!

Last year, I started making some mug rugs. I'm not sure whether I posted about them. They got abandoned as I was having a nightmare getting the binding on and it was getting close to Christmas. And the marking pile was getting alarmingly large.

However, I decided to give them another go. The binding was going wrong as I was sewing it on with too much of an allowance, so I made that shorter. Some were quilted and had half the binding on, some had been quilted and some got abandoned before the quilting.

I forgot to get many before pictures, but in a couple of evenings they all got finished. One had A LOT of ends to tuck in as I had decided to be clever last year and quilt over some of the snowflakes.

One had me practicing my free motion - I'm pretty chuffed with the result!

And Continuing the Rainbow Theme...

One of my best friends is expecting a baby, which means only one thing - time for a baby quilt! This one was easy to pick fabric for - I h...