Tuesday, 7 August 2018

A Few Random Bits and Bobs

This is going to be a bit of a random post!
Now I have the lap quilt finished, it's time to start thinking about my lap quilt. The previous quilt is going to be a gift, so now I'd like to sort my own out. I'm sure I'll get distracted by other projects before I get on with my lap quilt.

However, I have now bought most of my backing material for it:

I am hoping to get some material to do a border for the backing whilst at the Festival of Quilts this weekend. Not quite sure what I want yet but I'm sure inspiration will strike!

I also celebrated my birthday on Sunday, and got two very appropriate gifts:

The first is Tinkerbell sat on a cotton reel from my mum - perfect because that was my nickname as a child and I love to sew!

The second is a hexagon necklace from the hubby - he was inspired by me talking about working on some paper piecing hexies this holiday, and apparently the shape also reminds him of Science!

As a bit of a pre-birthday treat, I went to see the King and I in London with another friend, Lauren. It was amazing; very true to the film (or more correctly, the film is very true to the musical) and Ken Watanabe made an amazing King. The singing and dancing were both perfect. I loved every minute of it and really fulfilled a childhood dream to see it on the stage. Even the King and Anna's dance around the ballroom was breathtaking - I had imagined it wouldn't look as good as it did on film, but I was wrong! I was also very lucky and sat 3 rows from the front so got an amazing view.

For those who have asked, here are a couple of shots of my friend's skirt; including a really neat invisible zip.

Darren and I are going to Silverstone in a couple of weekends for the World Endurance Championships (a couple of short 6 hour races for us to enjoy). We will be camping, and so we have had to practice putting up my sister's tent, which she has kindly lent us. Not a bad job overall!

As a final part to my really random post; I have just read Little Women, and wanted to share how beautiful the book decoration is. The cover looks stitched, and they have even put the back of the stitching on the back of the cover. The cover is just an image, but I really hope the original was actually stitched.


Mii Stitch said...

Your friend skirt really look fabulous!!! Belated birthday wishes too. Tinkerbell is so cute :)

Maria said...

Happy belated birthday.. Tinkerbell is very cute and your hubby bought you a lovely necklace.
Good luck-in the challenge.

Chookyblue...... said...

Happy birthday......love the necklace. .... Glad the musical went well..... Have fun camping ... .

Faith... said...

ks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration weekend! Very nice (and thoughtful) gifts you received. Love your backing fabric and the skirt looks great.

Karen's Korner said...

Happy belated birthday wishes. Tinkerbell is just soo cute and love the necklace that hubby gave you. Have fun camping.

Lin said...

Happy Birthday Bethan - I love the necklace, what a brilliant idea! That book cover is very clever. xx

Mini said...

Happy birthday Bethan. The gifts are really nice and I'm glad you liked the movie.

RJ said...

Happy Birthday Bethan! I love all of your special gifts. I really enjoyed seeing the King and I too...it was a wonderful play. The skirt came out perfect. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Birthday wishes! Glad that you had a good time and got some nice gifts too.
The skirt looks lovely as does the book cover. Not sure about their back though!

Astrids dragon said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Bethan! Sweet Tinkerbell and lovely necklace. You certainly know how to celebrate, I bet that was a great show.
Ooh, fun skirt, I love it!
Have a great time camping, hopefully it won't be too hot for you.

Mary said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bethan, How perfect was that Tinkerbell for you!!! I used to love camping but think I love sleeping in a comfy bed better! Enjoy your trip! Mary

FlashinScissors said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bethan! Tinkerbell is soooo sweet! And such a lovely necklace! Both such apt presents! I used to love camping, but I couldn’t sleep in a tent now! Couldn’t bear the creepy crawlies! Hopefully the weather will be just right for you.
Love the book cover..... I, too, hope the original was stitched!
Barbara xx

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