Thursday, 12 April 2018

FnWf April 2018 check-in

I managed to remember to sign up and join in with Cheryll and everyone else this month. Pop over here to check in to see what everyone else got up to.

I decided to try to make a dent in my material pile. I ended up cutting lots of 9 inch squares from this beautiful material (it turns out it is so easy to cut very big squares from fat quarters! And fast!)

Husband's parents then arrived, which put a pause on my FnWf. However, now we rent a lovely house, once they went to bed I still had space to do some sewing work.

So I cut 72 dark blue squares from a metre or so of fabric - turns out that that is not as easy to do!

I now need to neaten up the pile on the left (and, of course, it's the bigger pile!). Looking forward to starting to sew this together. Got some excess to make some scrappy binding as well (unless I keep it to make some nice pattern weights)...

Earlier in the day, I did some 'crafting' of a different kind - a revision sheet for my sixth formers. Had to share as it is so neat!!! Will end up laminating it so I can keep it.


  1. Lots of cutting sew I'm looking forward to see what you make with the blocks.
    The sixth formers work sheet looks great.

  2. Nice big squares to work with and some lovely fabrics. Great worksheet too! xx

  3. These squares already look very nice. Love the different fabrics you used. I'm looking forward to your next pictures when you will have sewed them together.

  4. Am intrigued as to what this will eventually be. A lot of 9 inch squares

  5. That was a lot of cutting! look forward to seeing them sewn together.

  6. Can't wait to see your quilt top all made up.

  7. OOH, I have that fabric too in teal, it's lovely. Great revision sheet, very neat. :)

  8. What gorgeous fabric!
    Also, I am so glad I no longer have to do revision. Having said that I am currently reading and studying the GCSE Poetry section with my 15 year old. I felt he would benefit from hearing the poems read out loud, one per night!


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