Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Never Never Land

My big sister has been a big influence on my quilting hobby - basically as the one who taught me how to do it!

She still is a big influence as she likes to send me links to material and patterns that she likes or she thinks I might like - we can be a pretty bad influence on each other, because we usually end up making purchases instead of talking the other one out of something!

Fast forward to me receiving a link for the beautiful Riley Blake Neverland fabric by Jill Howarth. I love the story of Peter Pan, and fell in love with this fabric! Now big sister did suggest we buy a charm pack and use some of it each to make a cushion. Seems sensible, right?

I loved the fabric, and thought the charm squares would be too small to show it off. I tried to get hubby to talk me out of buying enough for a quilt and going for the sensible charm pack option....I think he's as addicted to fabric as me!

As I'm sure you're not surprised - I now own the layer cake of the fabric! Not the best pictures but I don't want to influence too many people into buying it!! Haha!


  1. beautiful and extra special if you love never never land........looking forward to seeing what you make from it.......

  2. Gorgeous fabric - I can see why you are so addicted.

  3. That fabric is just soooo very CuTe.... xox

  4. Looks like a great buy - irresistible! xx

  5. Look forward to seeing what you make with the fabric..

  6. What fun fabric, Bethan! And how nice to have an older sister who shares your love of fabrics :)

  7. These are great! I can't wait to see what you put together with it!


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