Monday, 12 March 2018

Making a Toile

A couple of Saturday's ago, I spent a day at my local sewing shop learning a new skill, so I can branch out from quilts and skirts.

We started off by taking measurements for our top - I haven't really taken full measurements of my top half before so it was useful to see how to do this.

Following instructions given, I started to build a pattern for my toile. I couldn't quite see it forming up, but I could follow the instructions well, and once it was cut out I could really see how it was going to come together. (Also - how great is the colour of my calculator!?)

We also learnt how to make a fuller bust adjustment - this was probably the thing I found most useful on this course. I have been slightly nervous to try patterns and adjust them, and I know my bust would cause issues. Not anymore! (hopefully!)

We then cut out the patterns and sewed them together into a toile. There wasn't enough Calico, so I ended up using some curtain lining. Some of my darts ended up looking very pointy (and not in a flattering way!). I had never sewn darts before, and I'm pretty chuffed how they worked out - although I need to follow the line a little more! I now also know(ish) how to move darts in a pattern!

Overall, it was a great course. I don't think I'll be confident to make my own pattern, but I may be confident enough to adjust a pattern to a fuller bust. Watch this space...


  1. Sounds like a really useful workshop Bethan - looking forward to seeing what you make with your new knowledge! xx

  2. I admire you for sewing, if it's not a straight line I can't do it!

  3. Sounds like a great course.

  4. Well done Bethan, really useful to know how to make or alter a pattern. I used to use the Burda pattern magazine years ago when I made a lot of clothes, in fact I still have quite a few of them.


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