Monday, 12 February 2018

A Different Kind of Crafting

The past few weekends we have been very busy crafting furniture. Not from scratch, I hasten to add, but following some instructions and with all the pieces provided. We also spent a bit of time at the skip getting rid of all the cardboard that came along with it! (Picture is just of some of the furniture boxes)

We now have a reading chair for the bedroom...

...a desk (which Darren got set up with his podcast stuff as soon as we'd finished it)...

...a spare bed, which pulls out into a double bed...

...and 3 bookcases. It's amazing having all our books out. Felt settled here before, but now it feels perfect! (bookcase picture was taken before it was completely full. And not all shelves in view)

And all set up in time for half term!


  1. great what you got.........especially the chair.......

  2. That looks the perfect reading chair....enjoy.

  3. You are right, Bethan, this is crafting too. You were doing a gerat job, both of you. Congratulations.

  4. You have been very busy! Everything looks great and congrats on your crafting.

  5. Great work - that chair looks extremely comfortable! xx

  6. Furniture looks great! Love the color of your chair!

  7. Oh you have been doing so good! My husband and I have made furniture before. It's really not our thing, as in the drawers are crooked etc. I love this yellow chair! So pretty.

  8. I do look a bit of flat pack!
    I confess, I zoomed in on the bookshelf to read the titles. We have similar tastes, even down to the lone Rainbow Rowell!


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