Monday, 22 January 2018

FNSI January 2018 - and a bit of a finish!

It was so lovely joining Wendy and everyone else for the first FNSI of the year! Although I fell asleep early in the evening, so it had to be a SNSI instead!

In the run up to FNSI, I managed a bit of a finish (which some of you guessed!)

And yes, I even took a photo of the last stitch going in - finally!!!

For FNSI I started work on the outlining. It's subtle but will be really effective when it's all complete.

I hope everyone else had a lovely FNSI, and hope over to Wendy's here to find out what everyone else did.


  1. It's amazing what a difference those tiny stitches make isn't it. xx

  2. Wow congrats on finishing all the cross stitches. I know how you feel , so close to a big finish.

  3. You can see the detail starting to appear

  4. wow congratulations, that's one epic project!!

  5. That is a gorgeous piece! So many stitches, so little room for mistakes!

  6. Wow is right. You must feel great putting that last stitch in! I always find doing the outlining takes a ton of time and there I was thinking I was finished. Hope yours goes quickly.

  7. Wow, this already looks awesome. A beautiful finish, Bethan, and with all the outlining it will be even more beautiful.


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