Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A Foxy Gift

For a Christmas gift, I decide to branch out my sewing skills and make a bag for my sister-in-law.

She rather likes foxes, and I came across this lovely fabric at the Duxford Quilting show - it seemed like a sensible idea to get it!

A bag seemed like a pretty logical thing to make, and it really was. I used a bag my friend made me as a bit of a guideline (had to stop myself pulling it apart once or twice!). I also used a website called Molliemakes for a bit of guidance as well.

I'm pretty pleased with the results, although perhaps the bag is a bit wide for the size handles I made, but hopefully it's okay!


  1. This is a great bag! I am sure your SIL will treasure it.

  2. Great idea - it's worked out well, I'm sure she loves it. xx

  3. The fox fabric is adorable. I'm sure she's gonna love the bag!

  4. A really great bag. Love the fox fabric.


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