Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A Bit of an Obsession

As you all know, I have been working on the cross-stitch version of Thomas Kinkade's Beauty and the Beast cross-stitch.

When I first came across it, there were 4 other designs I really liked, so I put them on my wishlist for family to buy. Over the years, I have been given all but one. I then found out that the cross-stitches are no longer being made, and I still didn't have one of my favourite pieces. Luckily, last week I came across the final design kit on Etsy, and I was able to complete my collection:

The Little Mermaid

Sleeping Beauty


And the one to complete the collection - Peter Pan

Oh, and I bought a colouring book and calendar, because not all his artwork has been transferred into a cross-stitch pattern.

Only a tiny bit obsessed, right?


  1. They are beautiful, but I don't think you're going to need another cross stitch for a few years

  2. Only a little bit obsessed but what a great obsession!

  3. Enjoy working on your collection.

  4. They are going to keep you busy for some time to come! xx

  5. These are beautiful projects and the calendar too is lovely. A lot of work for the future.

  6. Those are so pretty, I can see what you had them on your wishlist! Hope you get to start them soon.

  7. Oh wow, you know how to keep yourself busy! I think The Little Mermaid and Cinderella are my favourite.

  8. That is so cool that you have collected all these kits. And I'm so happy for you that you have gotten the last one. Okay - now get cracking, we want to see them all finished. Hahaha. Just teasing. Just enjoy doing them, that's what they are there for.


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