Sunday, 19 November 2017

Duxford Quilting Show

A few weeks ago, I went to a local quilting show with a friend and her mum. It was at a very unexpected setting - the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. To get to the hangar with the quilts, we walked past a few planes (including Concorde!). Such a grand entrance.

There were lots of stalls, and right in the centre were some amazing quilts to look at. I took pictures of my favourites (spot the handquilting obsession and the science nerdyness of mine coming through!)

Through the Window by Janet Keenan, Merseyside - a miniature that taught Janet that miniatures don't decrease your stash of material

The Dot by Sharon Gray - Sharon used Batiks for this modern design based on a larger quilt she had seen

Life's Tapestry (or Life's Ups and Downs) by Alison Elfick - a quilt influenced by the idea that life is all down to 'chance', as well as Alison as a retired teacher believing there is an educational use for a quilt

 Early Flight by Brenda Thomas, Devon - an imaginary coastal village, but inspired by balloon festivals. Mainly applique and (gorgeous) free motion quilting

 Hot Air Balloons by Druscilla Perry, Somerset - made as a challenge with Stanchester Quilters to use up a piece of ugly material. I personally enjoy the appearance of Thomas the Tank Engine!

 20 Cushions by Janet Keenan, Merseyside - designed by using 20 different cushion patterns designed by Sandie Lush. Hand quilted using the quilt-as-you-go method. In this quilt, Janet learnt quilt-as-you-go is not as quick or easy as thought!

From A to Z with Imagination by Janet Keenan, Merseyside (I really liked her pieces it seems!) - Hand-appliqued, hand and machine quilted. By doing this quilt, Janet learnt that she would like to do more with alphabets and fonts

And of course, I made some purchases! I want to try EPP, particularly after being inspired by fellow bloggers. I bought myself a couple of little projects to try over Christmas. The rest of the material is intended for a Christmas gift, so I shall show you what I do with it in due course. I must admit, I was very restrained. I didn't even buy the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and Disney material I saw (all in one stall - it's as if they know me!).

It was a lovely day out, and I look forward to keeping an eye out for the show next year! We also ended the day with a tasty lunch, accompanied by a spooky hot chocolate. So sweet!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

First FNwF for a While!

I have finally managed to link up with FNwF - so many first Friday's of the month have passed me by recently, so I'm chuffed I remembered to link up.

Pop over to Cheryl's blog here to see what everyone else has gotten up to!

Unsurprisingly for those who have read my blog for a while, I decided to keep working on Beauty and the Beast. I really want this done now, just because it is so close to finishing!

I spent Friday evening and a few hours on Saturday working on some sky (I got a bit further than the pictures suggest!). It always feels like I have done way more than it looks like I have done! But I'm slowly chipping away, and I'm enjoying the purples and pinks I am using for the sky! I will try and get better lit photos some-point soon!

As a general update of this project, I finished the third pattern page about two weeks ago - it's looking so good! (if I do say so myself!)

I hope everyone else had a very enjoyable FNwF!

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