Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Sewing Bee Live Show

Towards the middle of September (which seems like forever ago now), I went with my big sister to the Sewing Bee Live show at Excel London.

We saw lots of makes from mainly season 2 and 4 (including the amazing beaded dress made by Jade!); I took some pictures of my favourites. It's so bizarre seeing things from the TV in 'real-life'.

Jade Earley Season 4 - Finals week evening gown

Rumana Lasker Dawood Season 4 - Create a luxury robe

Angeline Murphy Season 4 - Create a skirt with fastening

There were also some lovely vintage clothes on show - I liked the mix and match fabrics of the early 70s dress! Not quite what I usually picture when thinking of 70s clothing; much more understated!

Liberty Floral Prints, early 70s. Gina Fratini & Tana Lawn

Art Nouveau Revival, early 60s. Homemade

Swinging Liberty, 1968. Liberty Prints designed for Sambo's Dollyrockers

We didn't sign up for the talks, or any of the workshops (we didn't fancy any of them), so only spent about 3 hours there. I think it was more geared to people using the workshops rather than just stalls and showing makes by other people, but it was a lovely way to spend a few hours.

I did buy some material - for yet another baby quilt! But also some lovely crafty coasters and a fun card that I am going to frame for myself. Until I found the material (called Doodle Days), there was a brief risk that I was going to leave the show with no material! Between myself and big sis, we have bought a couple of dress patterns that I'm looking forward to trying to make...eventually!

For the rest of the afternoon, we popped into the Science Museum. It has been updated since I was last there, and the displays looked vibrant and were all working (last time I went, a few years ago, the whole place was looking a bit tired). We went on a search for Tim Peake's command module but it turns out it had been lent to Bradford and we had missed it by a couple of days - bother! We did find the Apollo 10 command module however, which was fascinating to see.

A fantastic day out overall!


Lin said...

Certainly a varied day out! The beaded dress is amazing. xx

Mini said...

Looks like a lovely day. The beaded dress is gorgeous .Rumana Lasker Dawood Season 4 dress is so Indian. I like the coasters you got.

Bethan said...

Haha it did end up very varied. I spent ages looking at the beaded dress! x

Bethan said...

If I remember rightly, Rumana's dress was made from a Sari. So gorgeous though! Thank you :) Some will be given away, but a couple are for me x

Linda in Calif. said...

The dresses are to die for. I love them. I do think the fun with sew pattern looks like a lot of fun. And the baby's quilt fabric is adorable.

Brigitte said...

Quite obviously you spent a fantastic day with your sister. And even came home with some lovely purchases.

Bethan said...

I couldn't resist the fun with sewing card; especially when I was told it was going out of print! X

Bethan said...

Thank you, Brigitte. It was really great :-) x

Sheryl S. said...

Interesting day out and about. Loved seeing all the dresses and the amazing beaded one with how many beads? Great coaster and is that really the Apollo 10 command module?

Bethan said...

Thanks Sheryl. I would easily say hundreds of beads - I can't quite remember how many she used! Yep it really is the command module - so amazing to see it in real life! It's a lot smaller than I had imagined x

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