Thursday, 10 August 2017

Summer, Scotland and Stitching

Summer has gotten off to a lovely start. We went to the wedding of two dear friends - who we met a few years ago when Darren accidentally fell on one of them during climbing (no injuries but a funny story). It was in the gardens of a beautiful house and the rain held off. During the time between the wedding and the reception, there were lawn games including Ultimate Frisbee. So surreal watching lots of people in fancy clothing running around after a frisbee. Even the bride joined in!!

My wonderful friend Hannah stitched me a very cool bag. She got the material from a website with loads of different material patterns (she has some Tardis material) - I don't know the site, as wisely she has not told me! It was perfect timing, as the bag my cross-stitch was in had split on both sides, and this new bag is a perfect size. Look how awesome it is!:

My brother and his wife came over from New Zealand for a visit, and so our entire family met up at our mum's in Scotland (we both decided that the family meet-up was to celebrate our birthday!). It was really lovely us all being together, if not a bit manic having 9 people in one house! We went for a walk in the Cairngorms, and went up to the reindeer herd there. They're very used to visitors, so came over to us expecting food. They got a photo shoot instead!

We also spent time with my mum's dogs - Noodles the Poodle, and Misty. They were loving having a lot of people there to pay them attention!!

With all the activity, I have also managed to get some sewing done! Edging closer to another page finish - I think another week and I'll be there!

And I've filled in all the gaps on the front floor since these photos - just keep forgetting to get a photo!

Hope you are all well

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