Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Seaside Start

I finally got an excuse to buy some really lovely pirate/seaside material! A colleague and his wife are expecting their first baby, so of course I have to make them a quilt!

I found a lovely pinwheel block on Pinterest, and decided to use that for this quilt. I didn't have filler fabric to do a traditional pinwheel quilt, so out came the pencil and the rubber, and some amazing coloured pens!

I spent about 2 or 3 hours planning this out, and have tweaked some combinations since doing the original pattern!

This weekend, alongside supervising the Year 11 Prom, having a meal with one set of friends, and going swimming with another good friend, I have managed to get all my big blocks, rectangles and little squares cut out and ready to go!

Please note the notepad - there to carefully track how many of each size block for each pattern I needed! Makes the disappearing nine patch seem far easier now! I also think I'm becoming much more particular with how I lay things out and how I prepare a quilt (not that I wasn't particular before, but I think I'm getting worse!).

In none sewing updates; last weekend I had a bit of an explore of Cambourne whilst Darren had a course there. It's a new build village (there's quite a few down here). It was absolutely gorgeous, and the really hot weekend helped show it off - and also helped me get burnt.

I have also been marking coursework and exams in work for my year 12s - that's mostly all done now, but has kept me away from the sewing a little (mainly because I have felt too guilty to sew in the evening when I had work I should have been doing).

But I did manage to find time on Friday to have a clearout of a lot of resources - I have a rule for home and work clearouts; if I haven't used it for a year, it needs to go. If it's presence surprises me, it definitely has to go! It's awful how much paper I will be clearing out, but at least it will be recycled!

Thank you for reading yet another long post - hopefully there will be more quilt updates during the week! To finish, here is a lovely sunset (well I thought it was anyway) from my bedroom window! Have a lovely week all.


Maria said...

Beautiful fabrics for the baby quilt. Look forward to seeing the blocks sewn together..
You have been keep very busy with your school work but it was nice you had a few days away with hubby.

Mii Stitch said...

The baby quilt is going to look great with such colourful and fun fabrics! Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Lin said...

That looks like a fun project Bethan - looking forward to seeing it come together. xx

Mini said...

Such lovely fabrics. I admire people who can quilt :)

Bethan said...

Thank you - I'm currently sewing it all together and enjoying how it's looking! x

Bethan said...

Thank you - I was a little worried that some of the fabrics were muted, but it seems to be balancing out well! x

Bethan said...

Thank you - I'm finding it fun to do too! x

Bethan said...

Thank you :) x

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