Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Friday Not-so Sewing

See what I did there?? Tee hee

I managed to get a bit of cross-stitch done this weekend, but not much at all (it wasn't noticeable on a picture).

It's been the first week back in school, so a bit of a shock and felt quite sleepy each evening!

I have managed a couple of non-sewing, yet perhaps interesting things. I went to see Aladdin last Tuesday night (tut tut, a school night!) with a lovely friend of mine. It was really good! Cleverly done, sticking to the Disney movie with some new bits and pieces. I recommend! And the theatre was stunning! I ended up with a t-shirt and a programme (a tradition when I go to a show) and they gave a free mug with the purchase. Perfect size for me!

I also did a day of revision for my students on Saturday (less exciting) as their exam is next week. Made an information page for them about Photosynthesis - it almost counts as crafty as it is beautiful in my opinion and took a lot of work and planning!

Also, the lovely husband went halves with me and I got the beautiful handbag version of my purse (or the summer version). So it's half treat to myself and half wedding anniversary gift. Really love it - and going to make sure I read any books on it that I haven't already (which aren't many).

Hope you all had a more productive FNSI!


Lin said...

That looks like a great bag Bethan and I love the lamp on your t shirt. xx

Mii Stitch said...

What a cool crafty looking handbag (I happen to be mad about handbags...)!!! So unique! Which is perfect :)
Love the sparkles on the Aladdin lamp!

Bethan said...

Thank you - I felt rather drawn to the sequin style lamp when I saw it! x

Bethan said...

Thank you! I've never been a huge one for handbags but I loved this as soon as I saw it. It's made by a company called Yoshi...they have lots of lovely designs. I may be a handbag convert soon! The sparkles are fun too x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I do love a punny blog title!
Lovely sparkly lamp and a great bag too.

Bethan said...

I was very pleased with myself thinking of the blog title! Thank you x

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