Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Pink and Purple Project

This week I received an exciting parcel in the post; a selection of pink and purple fat quarter material. I spent about a day picking them out, and ensuring I hard dark, medium and light shades. A few of my choices have been replaced, but I think they still work quite well in the set.

The purpose of these materials is to make a 365 block quilt. It is a quilt with daily block patterns, designed and released by Kathryn Kerr. I came across it courtesy of the big sister (she's a bad influence!). I have yet to start making blocks yet, but at least I have some material to get started with. I am likely to get more as we go, which should also be quite exciting!

The link to the challenge is here:

I will post more when I (and/or husband) start making our first blocks, but for now, here is a picture of my material:

Monday, 20 February 2017

Bottles and Beachballs...

....a different type of crafting!
This is not strictly a project that fits in with my usual ones, but it does class as crafty.

Each year in February, Cambridge holds the e-Luminate festival. Very simply, for a few nights in a week different parts of Cambridge are lit up or there are art installations in place. Very pretty! We had an opportunity as a school to host a display, and to help set one up.

The hosted display was an Orrery (a model of the solar system). It was made of wood, and cogs and bike parts, and was powered by humans. Each planet is an Earth beachball of different designs; the point of each planet being an Earth was to demonstrate the idea of the human condition, and that we have a big impact on a lot of things (both positive and negative). The artist and his engineer also kept eyeing up all the bikes around Cambridge. It looked beautiful set up:

The display we helped make was called Liter of Light (spelling is correct). The artist works with a charity who go to developing countries and help people create solar powered and environmentally friendly lights, using old 2L bottles. Our students were asked to decorate some bottles to create a stained glass effect display. It was beautiful, and lovely to see all their hard work on display.

I also snuck in some other pictures of a colourfully lit Cambridge

Saturday, 18 February 2017

February FSNI

Well, as usual for my FNSI, it ended up a little longer than just a Friday night! I actually officially started Thursday night; we were on the Caledonian Sleeper train on the way back home from a visit to my mum in Scotland. Of course, the cross stitch was pulled out then! I managed to finish another grey colour (although I did not get a good picture of this).

As it is half term, when we got home I continued with lots of cross stitch. Technically, as it was Friday I feel it can definitely be classed as FNSI by this point! I decided to pick a foreground colour, rather than a background colour. Slow progress has been made (partially due to disractions caused by Stargate) but I am beginning to pick out some nice details, and fill in some big gaps!                                                                        

Not quite sewing related, but the lemon candle was burning during FNSI. It appears we have an addiction to candles and tarts - and it is the husband that is more addicted than me! Got some lovely smells that we can enjoy for a fair while!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

An Active Week

So this week, as the title of the post suggests, has been active in different ways!

I started out with Friday Night With Friends. This went into Saturday day time. I forgot to take in progress photos, but I spent the whole time working on my Disney cross-stitch. I did take a full shot of how it's looking so far. Hoping that it will be finished by this time next year, but we will see!

Saturday evening, we made our way from Cambridge to Nottingham with a couple of friends. When I lived there, myself and Darren got hooked watching the GMB Nottingham Panthers play ice hockey - and then we got our friends hooked when we moved to Cambridge! We saw them play the Cardiff Devils; Panthers lost in the end but it was a great time! Not so sure about their inflatable entrance tunnel that got brought out again at the end!...

This week also saw me getting myself active! I have been going to the gym on and off for a few months, but never go regularly enough - maybe once a week but not always then. Going home to be cosy always seems more appealing! This past few weeks I have managed to go twice consistently, and decided to treat myself to some gym clothing (I have been wearing some of my sister's old stuff and had never bought anything else). This seems to have spurred me on - I have gone to the gym 3 times this week, even when I felt tired and could have had an early afternoon at home (by early, be finished in work by 4 rather than close to 6). Proud of myself, and decided it was time to take a 'start' photo to motivate myself to keep going. Fingers crossed!


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Long Time, Odd Jobs

I realised today that I haven't blogged for over a month. Been a little busy back in work (usual story - about to do some late night marking once I've blogged)!

Not really focused in on one crafting activity recently, but may have a quilt project in the works!

So for the month of January, I manage to make a set of trouser legs (only one pictured) for the crochet doll I am very slowly working on.

I also made a very little dent in the progress of my Beauty and the Beast cross-stitch; back to working on a shade of green. It's a lovely dark colour, but difficult to differentiate from another shade of green that I've already sewn.

Not crafting, but I'm also enjoying this book about Queen Victoria. Learning lots about her reign and that period of history. One of many lovely books I received for Christmas - may do a post about each one as I finish them.

Also been trying to improve my attendance at the gym. I really enjoy a couple of particular classes, but don't always get there. But my new gym gear should hopefully be an incentive to go (it worked yesterday!)

Sorry it's not very exciting today. I've signed up for FnWF, so hopefully will have a little more to post this weekend!

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