Sunday, 10 December 2017

Half-Term Flashback

I have been meaning to post this for ages - since the end of October to be precise!

We had quite a busy week of work; a bit of adventuring around parts of the country, but not much crafting I'm afraid!

The week started with a trip to Gloucester to visit big sister and her other half - and their amazing new house. She even has a study/sewing room!! We enjoyed playing a card game called Sushi Go - we enjoyed it so much we took it to their local pub in the evening. Between that and another game called Uno, it all got quite competitive!

We had a brief tour of Gloucester, including the Cathedral and beautiful docks. There was also an inn tucked away behind some shops - it look stunning, and not changed much since it was first built!

I also enjoyed a building that was part of the Cathedral - there were so many different bricks and so on. You could see the history in the wall!

From Gloucester, we went to Bristol to visit my Aunty and Uncle. A favourite item in their house is this working pinball machine - it uses old Victorian pennies to work (and of course, they have a box of these pennies!). I spent a lot of time using it when I was younger - it's a tad noisy but so much fun!

Tucked away in their house is this gorgeous dolls house my Aunty has been working on - it has features of their own home, including past pets and current room set ups (and Dr Who!). I love dolls houses - and when I have room, I will have one of my own!

From Bristol, we headed back to Cambridge. Not sure I love night driving yet, but Darren was having fun being cameraman!

I then headed to London with my friend. We saw Aladdin on our first night there - it was the second time we had seen it, but it was still absolutely stunning. Some different songs and characters from the movie, but it is amazing. I recommend seeing it! We also were pretty close to the orchestra!!

On our second day in London, we had a touristy day walking around London and taking in the sights;

Trafalgar Square:

London Eye:


Big Ben/Elizabeth Tower (and some scaffolding):

It was such a sunny and warm day - particularly for the end of October! My photography skills aren't so good in bright sunlight, but you get the idea of the scenery (I hope!)

We then went on to see Lion King in the evening. I hadn't seen it in about 18 years (and couldn't remember much about it!). The costumes were amazing, and the whole show was absolutely stunning. It may have also brought a tear (or three) to the eyes at parts! Another show I would recommend!

After the busy first half of the week, the rest was pretty relaxed. I finished it off with visiting the Duxford quilting show (which I have written about previously!). It was a great half term, and really nice to be able to get so much done, and get some visits in. Not bad for one week!

Needleminder Exchange

Sorry I haven't been posting much - this term in work is absolutely hectic - most days I have been in from 7am until 6pm and then getting home and collapsing! Hopefully it should calm down a little bit now (wishful thinking perhaps!)

Last week, however, I received a lovely parcel from Kaye over at Kitten Stitching. It really brightened up a long week!


A lovely set of threads, a bookmark, a bird charm (I'm not so good with identifying birds!), a gorgeous Christmassy cushion, and, of course, a needleminder.

Here's a close-up of the needleminder:

So lovely! Looking forward to using this!

Here is a picture of the cushion as well:

Such a beautiful piece - and it was a great excuse to get all the Christmas decorations out in our house! You can't see it very well in this picture, but the candles are actually beads that Kaye has sewn on. I love it! Thank you again, Kaye!

I have also been doing a little bit of crafting. I have created some earwarmers - one for me and one as a gift (mine is a little more rough!). The wool is so soft, and as it is starting to get quite cold over here, I feel that it is the perfect time to use the wool (and the earwarmers!). I downloaded the pattern from Craftsy.

There is supposed to be a big flower on this also, but I like it how it is. If the wool wasn't so colourful, I may have put the flower on, but I'm not too sure!

I have also been taught by lovely Chooky how to reply to comments properly - it turns out the way I have been doing it has not necessarily gotten back to my lovely commenters. I do apologise if you haven't got my replies, as I love reading the comments and spend a while replying to them!
Thank you again to Chooky for your help!

Have a lovely week - and to those in the UK, enjoy the snow!!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Duxford Quilting Show

A few weeks ago, I went to a local quilting show with a friend and her mum. It was at a very unexpected setting - the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. To get to the hangar with the quilts, we walked past a few planes (including Concorde!). Such a grand entrance.

There were lots of stalls, and right in the centre were some amazing quilts to look at. I took pictures of my favourites (spot the handquilting obsession and the science nerdyness of mine coming through!)

Through the Window by Janet Keenan, Merseyside - a miniature that taught Janet that miniatures don't decrease your stash of material

The Dot by Sharon Gray - Sharon used Batiks for this modern design based on a larger quilt she had seen

Life's Tapestry (or Life's Ups and Downs) by Alison Elfick - a quilt influenced by the idea that life is all down to 'chance', as well as Alison as a retired teacher believing there is an educational use for a quilt

 Early Flight by Brenda Thomas, Devon - an imaginary coastal village, but inspired by balloon festivals. Mainly applique and (gorgeous) free motion quilting

 Hot Air Balloons by Druscilla Perry, Somerset - made as a challenge with Stanchester Quilters to use up a piece of ugly material. I personally enjoy the appearance of Thomas the Tank Engine!

 20 Cushions by Janet Keenan, Merseyside - designed by using 20 different cushion patterns designed by Sandie Lush. Hand quilted using the quilt-as-you-go method. In this quilt, Janet learnt quilt-as-you-go is not as quick or easy as thought!

From A to Z with Imagination by Janet Keenan, Merseyside (I really liked her pieces it seems!) - Hand-appliqued, hand and machine quilted. By doing this quilt, Janet learnt that she would like to do more with alphabets and fonts

And of course, I made some purchases! I want to try EPP, particularly after being inspired by fellow bloggers. I bought myself a couple of little projects to try over Christmas. The rest of the material is intended for a Christmas gift, so I shall show you what I do with it in due course. I must admit, I was very restrained. I didn't even buy the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and Disney material I saw (all in one stall - it's as if they know me!).

It was a lovely day out, and I look forward to keeping an eye out for the show next year! We also ended the day with a tasty lunch, accompanied by a spooky hot chocolate. So sweet!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

First FNwF for a While!

I have finally managed to link up with FNwF - so many first Friday's of the month have passed me by recently, so I'm chuffed I remembered to link up.

Pop over to Cheryl's blog here to see what everyone else has gotten up to!

Unsurprisingly for those who have read my blog for a while, I decided to keep working on Beauty and the Beast. I really want this done now, just because it is so close to finishing!

I spent Friday evening and a few hours on Saturday working on some sky (I got a bit further than the pictures suggest!). It always feels like I have done way more than it looks like I have done! But I'm slowly chipping away, and I'm enjoying the purples and pinks I am using for the sky! I will try and get better lit photos some-point soon!

As a general update of this project, I finished the third pattern page about two weeks ago - it's looking so good! (if I do say so myself!)

I hope everyone else had a very enjoyable FNwF!

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Rainbow Wool!

Over the summer, this beautiful ball of wool caught my eye in a shop in Llandudno. Unfortunatley, I can't remember the name of it (and I kept the label so carefully!). I will just have to pop back and get some more to find out the name!! (tee hee).

I decided that I wanted to make a cowl with the wool - mainly as an excuse to buy it. It took me ages to then find a pattern; a lot seemed to call for chunkier wool. Thanks to some googling (after Pinterest and Crafsty) I found the pattern for a Spring Bean Cowl here. It was really simple to follow, and quite a fun looking design.

I managed to get a twist in somehow, and it's a bit tighter than in the pattern; partially due to less wool, and partially due to my tension. However, the twist makes it a bit different (and husband and best friend told me to leave it in!). I loved watching the wool change colour. As my ball ends up miles away from me, I didn't always see what colour was coming next, which was fun!

I have yet to decide what to do with it - I think I'm going to give it away. And I'll just have to nip back to the shop to get myself some wool...

(I also need to stop taking the finished pictures in the evenings, and make more use of natural light!)

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