Saturday, 31 December 2016

Penguin Skirt

In October, I went on a course at my local shop, CallyCo, to learn how to make a skirt (in a day, with pockets!). It was a great day and I did end up with a lovely skirt (with pockets!!!!).

I was told to make another one fairly soon after so I didn't forget how to do it - well I had already fallen in love with some cord material in the shop that morning so thought it would be no issue.

Then work and Hallowe'en quilts got in the way!

When we went to Sheffield, we both bought some material - mine with penguins, his with crabs. Husband encouraged me to get the material and make it into a skirt (to be honest, it didn't take much persuasion!).

As you may have noticed, I have great ideas and then don't get enough time to execute them! I decided that I wanted to wear the skirt on non-uniform day on the last day of term because that would be fun!

Cue the Thursday before, me using the tables in work to cut out the material. I hate pinning and am really slow at it, so luckily my friend was there to speed up the process.

Fast forward to Sunday, and me coaxing myself to making the skirt (I had been poorly for the past couple of days, so my planned sewing time had been reduced).

This time, I made extra notes on the pattern as I re-deciphered what it meant. I was pleased that I had my first skirt to refer to, as it helped me make sense of the pattern.

My most pleasing moment was my zip - I got it lined up and sewn in in one go, without 'adult' supervision! Only the second zip I have ever installed, so pretty chuffed! It isn't supposed to be an invisible zip, which is why it can be seen a bit.

It took 4 hours, and is much better than my first attempt! It was also a great excuse to buy a very fluffy jumper....

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Brigitte said...

Congratulations on finishing this lovely skirt. It looks gorgeous with the jumper - penguins all over, lol. Great job.

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