Sunday, 20 November 2016

Procrastination not Progress

I was doing well with my latest quilt, and now it's ground to a complete halt. Partly because I am procrastinating, but partly because it's exam season in work (cue 8 hours of marking on a Saturday!)

But I am up to the sewing together point - in fact, my rows are made and I have two attached to each other. Still not sure how I want to do the quilting, which may be why I'm procrastinating so much!

I'm also pretty chuffed with how lined up I got the diagonals - I only had to unpick one twice! The rest behaved themselves!

And, as always, I'm always a bit gutted by how much material is lost by seams and trimming. The Missouri Star video I was watching suggested that I make sure all the squares were the same size. Managed it eventually - it's scary how uneven my sewing actually is!

1 comment:

Karen's Korner said...

You are making good progress with the quilt. Nice work.

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