Sunday, 2 October 2016

Of Rats and Trees

So this week I have been progressively falling ill in work, culminating in a day and a half off. Bleuch. But I was feeling better yesterday evening, so charged ahead with the current wip - the wedding cross stitch!

Last night, I sewed the final 4 rats. I then sent an image to family members to see what they thought they were - I got mice, squirrels and hamsters as a response! To be fair, these are all rodent-like, so I feel like I'm onto a winner! I don't think they'll look perfect, but once I add eyes and whiskers, they should be pretty much there. Doing well (I hope) considering there aren't many teeny rat cross-stitch patterns out there to work from!

With the rats successfully in, I had a tree to finish! I am basing it on something I found on Pinterest, but not copying it exactly because I feel that is wrong. I was going to be really risky and just sew and see what happens...that thought lasted all of 5 seconds before the graph paper and a sharp pencil were out and I was sketching out the rough design.

It's going to be slightly lop-sided, with a very long branch on one side, but trees aren't perfectly symmetrical, so I feel this is acceptable!


I feel another weekend and this will be ready to frame! And I will get it to the newlyweds less than 2 months after their wedding! Not bad for me and a crafting project! I shall keep you posted

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Mii Stitch said...

Very impressive progress!!

A Birthday Organiser

Whoops I seem to have missed a Sunday! Sorry in advance for all the comments you will get - I'm using my week off wisely and catching up...