Sunday, 23 October 2016

FNSI - On a Sunday

My little sister has been visiting the last few days, so my FNSI got a little delayed. My flat is very small, so getting the sewing machine and ironing board out basically takes over the room (which unfortunately means I didn't get any help with pressing!).

I did get a little of my big cross-stitch done, but the main project was baby quilt number 6. Said baby has already arrived, and annoyingly I have had the material for a fair while (very typical of me). But I had cross-stitches to do, and I now have half term to enjoy sewing in.

I came across the material in my local store, Cally-Co. It was layer cake pieces, and definitely a set. So happy I found it!

I have decided to do a disappearing nine patch again, so started out cutting my 10 inch squares down to 5 inch squares. I then sewed these together, ready to cut it all into quarters again.

It was only a short sewing session, as our friend is now round for movie night, so I am back to the much less space consuming cross stitch!


  1. That's a very interesting project. I hope you will show more of it.

  2. Thank you Brigitte. There is another post of it a little later on, as I managed to finish it not long after if you want to see more.


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