Monday, 31 October 2016

A Hallowe'en-y Start

A while ago (possibly a couple of years ago) I made the now sister-in-law a cushion from some spooky material. It's on this blog if you are interested - I would link but I'm not quite sure how to!

After making the cushion, I had most of the layer cake left, so decided that I would use what is left over to attempt to make a lap quilt for her. I'm being ambitious and trying to do it for Christmas. I have started before November, so I may have a chance!

I am using the design Alter Ego Quilt from Missouri Star Quilting Company (of course) as I didn't want to buy more fabric to fill in gaps and so on.

I also fell in love with some amazing backing and binding fabric on EBay (basically they became the backing and binding fabric after I fell in love with them!). I will post the shop name in my next post when I have dug it out again.

They glow in the dark and everything!!!!


  1. Oooh the Halloween fabrics find on Ebay are soooo cute!!!

  2. Oh my, these fabrics are just gorgeous. I'm very curious to the the entire quilt when it's finished.

  3.'s looking good. Love the fabrics.


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