Monday, 31 October 2016

A Hallowe'en-y Start

A while ago (possibly a couple of years ago) I made the now sister-in-law a cushion from some spooky material. It's on this blog if you are interested - I would link but I'm not quite sure how to!

After making the cushion, I had most of the layer cake left, so decided that I would use what is left over to attempt to make a lap quilt for her. I'm being ambitious and trying to do it for Christmas. I have started before November, so I may have a chance!

I am using the design Alter Ego Quilt from Missouri Star Quilting Company (of course) as I didn't want to buy more fabric to fill in gaps and so on.

I also fell in love with some amazing backing and binding fabric on EBay (basically they became the backing and binding fabric after I fell in love with them!). I will post the shop name in my next post when I have dug it out again.

They glow in the dark and everything!!!!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Farmyard Finish and a Trip to Sheffield

I managed to finish my lovely farmyard quilt (lovely because of the material) on Tuesday evening. I say evening. More like Wednesday morning. I have developed a bad habit that results in me finishing quilts at 1 am because "there's only a little more to go" - I forget that the tidying up takes a fair while!

I tried out scrappy binding using some of the layer cake squares I had (lovely and flowery) to try and reduce the amount of material I buy and have left over. I did 2 and half inch pieces (width) which is what I usually do, but the binding ended up quite thin in places and I have a bit of a dodgy corner. May go up to 3 inches next time!

As always, the Missouri Star Quilting Company binding tutorial helped, and I managed to get it to fit perfectly, again. So thankful for their tutorials!!!

Little sister wasn't much help on her visit, but she did pick the backing fabric, and I must say it is a good choice! I also did my quilting with green thread; I stuck to my usual quilting in the ditch, but I'm proud of how neatly I did it, and how well it matches the backing fabric considering they were bought at different times and not matched. May be braver with thread choices next time (and with visible quilting!)

I have also spent the last 3 days in Sheffield, visiting family. My cousin took me and Husband on a long walk through all the forests and parks into the city centre; an absolutley beautiful walk, and it was so surreal being in such picturesque places that felt like rural areas of Wales we have grown up walking through, when actually we were in the centre of a city. We found a bear pit (with my cousins help) in the Botanic Gardens, and went to a lovely wool and fabric shop called Wool Baa; yea, we can't stay away from sewing, especially as my cousin is a big fan too!                                                                                                                                   

Sunday, 23 October 2016

FNSI - On a Sunday

My little sister has been visiting the last few days, so my FNSI got a little delayed. My flat is very small, so getting the sewing machine and ironing board out basically takes over the room (which unfortunately means I didn't get any help with pressing!).

I did get a little of my big cross-stitch done, but the main project was baby quilt number 6. Said baby has already arrived, and annoyingly I have had the material for a fair while (very typical of me). But I had cross-stitches to do, and I now have half term to enjoy sewing in.

I came across the material in my local store, Cally-Co. It was layer cake pieces, and definitely a set. So happy I found it!

I have decided to do a disappearing nine patch again, so started out cutting my 10 inch squares down to 5 inch squares. I then sewed these together, ready to cut it all into quarters again.

It was only a short sewing session, as our friend is now round for movie night, so I am back to the much less space consuming cross stitch!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Tree-ific Completion (let me get away with it!)

So it is finished! Almost two months after the wedding, but it is finished! I even bubble wrapped it, paper wrapped it, wrote a card and posted it (which is a miracle for me as I am ridiculously bad at remembering to post things on the limited days I can reach a post office!)

The cross stitch went through many design changes, and I'm not entirely sure I'd like to design such a big one by myself ever again. But, I think it has turned out better than some things I imagine and then make so I'm pleased.

I even ironed this one! Although the middle crease would not go and I didn't want to wreck it!                          

No more cross-stitch gifts for a while - too much pressure for such a slow thing!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Tantalisingly Close!

So my prediction of having the cross stitch complete by the end of last weekend was wrong. I have all the stitching done, just need to do back stitching and some french knots (eurgh!).

Got some advice from my friend about what to back-stitch; sometimes I find I stare at it too long to be objective anymore! I think I'm going to go quite minimal, and get their names and date on it.

Annoyingly, I'm spending all day tomorrow with my science club at an event, so won't get chance to finish until Sunday. But I will post when I do!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Of Rats and Trees

So this week I have been progressively falling ill in work, culminating in a day and a half off. Bleuch. But I was feeling better yesterday evening, so charged ahead with the current wip - the wedding cross stitch!

Last night, I sewed the final 4 rats. I then sent an image to family members to see what they thought they were - I got mice, squirrels and hamsters as a response! To be fair, these are all rodent-like, so I feel like I'm onto a winner! I don't think they'll look perfect, but once I add eyes and whiskers, they should be pretty much there. Doing well (I hope) considering there aren't many teeny rat cross-stitch patterns out there to work from!

With the rats successfully in, I had a tree to finish! I am basing it on something I found on Pinterest, but not copying it exactly because I feel that is wrong. I was going to be really risky and just sew and see what happens...that thought lasted all of 5 seconds before the graph paper and a sharp pencil were out and I was sketching out the rough design.

It's going to be slightly lop-sided, with a very long branch on one side, but trees aren't perfectly symmetrical, so I feel this is acceptable!


I feel another weekend and this will be ready to frame! And I will get it to the newlyweds less than 2 months after their wedding! Not bad for me and a crafting project! I shall keep you posted

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