Saturday, 10 September 2016

Having A Go At Designing

So I have been back in work full time this week - no energy for sewing at all!
However, I have been working on a new cross-stitch design; actually designing it myself, which is a big challenge for me.

It has gone through several revisions, but I'm pretty pleased with what I'm heading towards. My best friend got married last Saturday (and I was a bridesmaid, which was rather special), and I decided that a hand-made gift would be nice. It's had to be delayed because I wanted to know colours and things from their wedding, and there were only so many questions I could ask her without spoiling the surprise for myself!

This is what I started with:

The rats are there because they absolutely love rats, and own six of them! Hoping to try and make their colours match the actual rats (but we shall see!).

They got married in a barn type building in Wales (hence the barn shape). The flowers up the side may be hydrangeas as they are some of their flowers. However, since going to the wedding, the design has evolved and changed again:

The newer design is on the right (over the top of the original design). Instead of the barn, I'm going with my initial gut feeling of a tree. They are really into trees; there is a particular tree they used to meet at when they were dating, and at the wedding the bridesmaids were given a beautiful bracelet with a tree, and all the guests were given tree saplings as favours. I have ditched the barn idea and am much happier. Her bouquet is just going to be a succulent, which is one of the flowers we had and which she absolutely loves. It really works in my head - I hope that can translate over to the actual thing!!!!

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Mii Stitch said...

Good luck with designing your own chart.
I can't wait to see your little crosses :)

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