Friday, 19 August 2016

FNSI Preparation...decisions decisions

I'm excited to take part in FNSI for the first time in months - but now I have to decide what to do! I have broken my own rule and have several projects going at once, although they are all in different crafts so I think that's okay!

The projects are:
- A giant Beauty and the Beast cross-stitch (been doing this for probably 2 years)
- A crochet doll with dress up clothes for my friend's daughter (this has been going for about a year, but wedding cross stitch took over)
- A baby quilt; not started but needs doing within the next 8 weeks!

I think it may be cross-stitch/crochet/a mix of both as husband (!) has his friend staying for the weekend and quilting does take over the whole lounge. Also I have no idea what pattern I want to do - friend already has one baby quilt disappearing nine patch style and I'd love to do something else. Any suggestions welcome!

Happy sewing everyone!


Susan said...

I make a LOT of baby quilts. You might take a look at my blog and see if it gives you any ideas. Baby Quilts Tag. Also look up Wedding Dress Blue on search engine because Deanna does a lot of baby quilt patterns, too. I hope you had a productive evening!

Maria said...

You have a lot to chose from .. Look forward to seeing your baby quilt..

Bethan said...

Thank you! I will have a peruse over the next couple of days as I want to get it started this weekend! I shall keep you posted. Hope your FNSI was productive

Bethan said...

I know - although it's all in different forms of crafting so I allow it. Just! Baby quilt should be done in the next couple of weeks. I hope!

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