Saturday, 30 July 2016

Elephanty Baby Quilt

A few weeks ago I managed to finish another baby quilt (my fourth so far). It was shamefully late (baby was born in November!!!) so I made it much bigger than I would have done.

This quilt had a lot of firsts for me - a new pattern, not using pre-cut material, and a bigger size than normal. My design guru (Darren) also picked the background fabric. I've got to admit; I fell in love with the material in the quilt and was a little gutted when I gave it away!

So the front material was bought from Abakahn fabrics, Mostyn (a family favourite) whilst the backing fabric and binding was bought from CallyCo, Cambridge (a new favourite!). The pattern was Plus Baby Quilt by Jen Eskridge (downloaded from

My first job was cutting the material - I need a much bigger table! I also sketched out the design so that I could get the placement of the materials right and because I was making it a little bigger than the pattern, so had to work out which extra pieces I needed to cut.

I was really into colour coding, as you can see! My favourite material was the ducks! So fun!

So after all the stressful cutting out and working out layout, I finally sewed the front together. As I laid it out, I realised that the backing fabric wasn't big enough for my giant baby quilt (arghhhh!!!). A lot of stressing and braving clashing material later (lots of an excellent elephant material that we both love), I ended up with a backing that I am actually pretty happy with!

Worked out pretty well, and is now being used as a giant play mat by baby!

A little more of the finished effect (back, front and binding)

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