Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Graduation Gift

One of my closest friends is due to graduate as a Nurse this August. It is her second degree, and is something she has been incredibly passionate about (and so much hard work has gone into both her placements and her essays!)

I decided to make her a gift - because I clearly love working to a tight time-frame! I didn't want to buy something generic, and wanted it to be something a little bit different. It's also sort of relevant as she is going to be working on a haematology ward once she has finished her degree. I bought the pattern and had to go out and buy the threads (woefully lacking in a collection of threads).

It started off slowly, but now I'm on summer holidays I have had more time to devote to it! Although I have realised I'm already missing some threads for it (perhaps due to visiting family for the summer).

Definitely nice to be doing cross-stitch that isn't wedding related! 3 weeks to get it done...I'll keep you posted!

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