Friday, 10 April 2015

A Spooky Cushion

For Christmas, I decided to make the other half's sister a cushion. She is quite into spooky type things, so I was really pleased when I came across this Eerie Moda Layer Cake - to be honest, I came across the material and then decided to buy it and make her something.

I used my Pop! Pillow book for the pattern (and instructions to make a cushion!). Getting it all lined up was very frustrating - it's not perfect and I'd love to try it again one day. Time and temper constraints stopped me from unpicking it too many times (which is probably a good thing!)

The backing was quite fun - although difficult to look at for too long! I will be making a second cushion with the remains of the materials; but not the same pattern as I don't think my patience can stand it!

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