Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Festival of Quilts

So a little while later, here is a (quite large) selection of quilts that I loved. I was very mind boggled by the time I left - there were so many amazing quilts, and so much thought, time and effort going into the quilts!
So here they are:

Heavens Above by Sarah Ingle

Colour Wave by Natasha York

Phasianinae by Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil

Multi Kaffe Fasseted by Gone to Pieces (Group Quilt)
I love the quilting on this; if you look closely you can see lots of flowers. Very cool

National Trust Pride of Killerton by the National Trust Killerton Quilters

Flowers in the Wind - Florei Al Viento by Carmen Navarro Alonso and Silvia Gonzalez Medina
This is one of my favourites. It caught my eye pretty early on, and I spent ages looking at it up close. Just beautiful

Big Bang by Carmen Arevalo Sanchez and Silvia Gonzalez Medina
Again, I fell in love with the quilting (can you guess what my new mission in making quilts is?!)

Blue Mist by Andrea Ashwell
All hand quilted - just incredible!

Wally by Dorita Smith

Turkish Delight by Philippa Thomas
Another beautiful example of hand quilting

Rose Nouveau by Rebecca Wright

Fire and Ice by Claudia Pieil
This was far more incredible than the picture lets on; it was shimmery and so intricate. I also wish I'd taken a picture of the back when we were shown it, because that was just as intricate and breath taking

Skull Optics by Paula Rafferty

Mum's a Star by Michele Clarke and Margaret Routledge
Another example of amazing hand quilting. Not sure why I didn't take a full picture, but this gives you a good idea!

Harlequin Star by Jess Williams
If you look closely, the quilting forms star shapes too!

Flying Squares by Sheila Wilkinson

Garden of Eden by Aiesha Khalid in the Crossroads collection.
Used 1,296,106 embroidery stitches using 12,820m of thread and hand embellished. Another one where the picture doesn't quite do it justice. Just breath taking - and it looked like each part was quilted before being sewn together (but I could be wrong)

Over the Rainbow by Merethe Soeby

Birds Eye View by Annie Bowden

Paris by Anna-Karin Andermo
Just wow

The Peacock by Jeanette Orr

Snowing by Abeer Al-Khammash

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