Monday, 26 May 2014

Busy Weekend

I decided to make use of a weekend without marking and get some crafting done. I have a few unfinished projects about the house (taking after my big sister) and wanted to get them done.
The first is a crochet cushion for my grandmother. It has been a bit of a disaster, and I had to unpick it a couple of times. A long day of crochet on Saturday and I have now managed to complete the cushion body. Just have the crochet flower to complete now!
The second is a Double Layer Cake baby quilt for my friend's daughter. It's only about a month late! Over about 12 hours yesterday I sewed my 16 blocks together and pressed. I sewed the backing and batting on. I sewed the binding together (after a lot of struggling ensuring it was the right way round when folded) and then attached it. 3 hours of hand binding later, and I have a complete quilt.
Extremley chuffed and will be giving it to her tomorrow!

I also managed to attach a quilting foot to my sewing machine - much more of a feat when you find that the machine is a Viking sewing machine that isn't made anymore, and I had no instructions. Luckily with some texts from the big sister (and pictures sent to her), and YouTube, I managed to successfully attach it.

Not at all bad for a weekend

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Vicki said...

Nice! And no pleats or puckers

A Birthday Organiser

Whoops I seem to have missed a Sunday! Sorry in advance for all the comments you will get - I'm using my week off wisely and catching up...