Thursday, 12 April 2018

FnWf April 2018 check-in

I managed to remember to sign up and join in with Cheryll and everyone else this month. Pop over here to check in to see what everyone else got up to.

I decided to try to make a dent in my material pile. I ended up cutting lots of 9 inch squares from this beautiful material (it turns out it is so easy to cut very big squares from fat quarters! And fast!)

Husband's parents then arrived, which put a pause on my FnWf. However, now we rent a lovely house, once they went to bed I still had space to do some sewing work.

So I cut 72 dark blue squares from a metre or so of fabric - turns out that that is not as easy to do!

I now need to neaten up the pile on the left (and, of course, it's the bigger pile!). Looking forward to starting to sew this together. Got some excess to make some scrappy binding as well (unless I keep it to make some nice pattern weights)...

Earlier in the day, I did some 'crafting' of a different kind - a revision sheet for my sixth formers. Had to share as it is so neat!!! Will end up laminating it so I can keep it.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Addicted to Material

So I took 'stock' of the material I have recently added to my's been a material fest this past month or so! I now need to do something with it!

So I bought the following at Duxford Quilting Show:

 You can't quite tell, but the gold, silver and blue are glittery and are to finish some mug mats

 This is a little kit to try out some EPP (because I don't have enough to do)

This material will be for a lap quilt or similar

I also decided it was time to make myself an Advent Calendar - I've been on the lookout for one I love for a while and this won me over!

In addition to this, big sister sent me a parcel of goodies to cheer me up as I worked my way through A LOT of marking (almost 200 exam papers all in in the end)

The material is left over from a quilt she is making me; I will probably make some nice cushions with it.

There is even more in my stash, but I have blogged about it before! On the brightside, most of the stash has set projects. On the downside, most projects will need some more material to finish them off.

Ah well!

Friday, 6 April 2018

OPAM 2018 March Check In

Only a week late - here is my check-in for OPAM, run by Kris and Peg!

I have managed a finish for March; a baby quilt for two work friends (and their baby!)

I found the front material months ago and was really glad to have an excuse to buy it - it is called Doodle Days.

Really love the backing; not my usual patterned backing but a fun colour nonetheless.

Another bonus - it was finished on time for the baby's arrival!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Duxford Spring Quilting Show

In beautiful spring weather (!), I went to the Spring Quilting Show with my friend Hannah - about 4 weeks ago now. Snowy picture was taken the night before!

Due to the weather, it wasn't heaving with people, but it was busy and bustling and a great way to spend a morning.

Here are some of the quilts we admired at the show:

Postcard from Devon by Brenda Thomas

Layers of Polperro by Brenda Thomas

Kingsand by Brenda Thomas

Moor to Sea by Brenda Thomas - I loved the layers in this one

Heart of the Alps by Mike Fitchett - I felt this was thematically appropriate for the weather! And just stunning

A series of works by Gillian Travis - we actually spoke to her for a little while about her technique. All of these designs were breathtaking. I think my favourite were the cardigans!

Fireworks by Linda Jackson

Changed My Mind, Again by Lynda Jackson - so many beautiful quilting techniques

Funky Flowers by Roz Rossiter

Radiance Challenge: Tension Challenge by The Longarm Learning Curve

No Bees, No Honey and Don't Just Talk About It, BEE About it by Juliana Teixeira

Feeding on Nectar 1 & 2 by Patricia Marson

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Never Never Land

My big sister has been a big influence on my quilting hobby - basically as the one who taught me how to do it!

She still is a big influence as she likes to send me links to material and patterns that she likes or she thinks I might like - we can be a pretty bad influence on each other, because we usually end up making purchases instead of talking the other one out of something!

Fast forward to me receiving a link for the beautiful Riley Blake Neverland fabric by Jill Howarth. I love the story of Peter Pan, and fell in love with this fabric! Now big sister did suggest we buy a charm pack and use some of it each to make a cushion. Seems sensible, right?

I loved the fabric, and thought the charm squares would be too small to show it off. I tried to get hubby to talk me out of buying enough for a quilt and going for the sensible charm pack option....I think he's as addicted to fabric as me!

As I'm sure you're not surprised - I now own the layer cake of the fabric! Not the best pictures but I don't want to influence too many people into buying it!! Haha!

FnWf April 2018 check-in

I managed to remember to sign up and join in with Cheryll and everyone else this month. Pop over here to check in to see what everyone else ...