Monday, 7 January 2019

FnwF January 2019

For the first time in a long time I finally remember the first Friday of the month was Friday Night With Friends! This is hosted by the lovely Cheryll, and takes place, funnily enough, on the first Friday of each month.
Click here to read a little more about it and catch up with what everyone did.

As usual for me, my Friday night extended into Saturday. I am working on the clothes for a crochet doll, which will be a gift for my friend's children. I am hoping it will be gifted soon! But I do keep having more ideas of outfits to make, or variations of outfits.

On Friday night itself, I finished a 'raincoat' for the doll. This involved adding sleeves. I also made a 'rainhat'. The black band was added on Saturday. I really love how the hat turned out!

On Saturday, I started work on a jumper. I got derailed slightly as I pulled the wool out of my bag...

...but once it was sorted (a couple of hours later), I could get on and crochet. It's not quite finished, and I think the wool may be a little chunky so the jumper won't quite fit under the coat, but it can go with another outfit! The wool is too fun not to include!

My crocheting on Saturday got side tracked by another project. Darren's parents bought us a fire pit for Christmas (he had been wanting one most of last year!). Cue a quick trip to a hardware store, and a little bit of building.

And then my mad husband sat outside in winter by the fire. I don't feel like it was giving off enough heat to be worth it but he was happy. So happy he was out there on Sunday too!

I hope you all had a lovely FnwF!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

WIPocalypse 2019 - Start

Well I've finally caved and joined in! After over a year of reading lots of you joining in with the WIPocalypse, I decided to join in!

For those that don't know, very briefly the WIPocalypse is a stitch-a-long. From my research, it originally began in 2012, and played upon the joke that the world would end in 2012. The aim is just to work through your project(s) and make progress on them - to prevent the end of the world. Haha.

Hopefully the image I have put in will link back to the info page *crosses fingers*

As this is the first post of the year, I need to introduce myself and my goals/projects. So here it goes.

I'm Bethan, 28 years old and I live in Cambridge with my husband. I teach Science (mainly Biology) to 11-18 year olds; so at some points of the year I go very quiet in blog world as teaching takes over weekends and evenings. Well the workload does anyway! There can be the occasional moan about how much I have to do, but usually I just go quiet when busy.

I love to cross-stitch, quilt, crochet, and am also branching out into sewing clothes. My mum sewed a lot as I grew up, and so did my big sister. I do tend to blame my big sister for most of my crafting - she taught me how to quilt and links me to lots of lovely fabric and crafts! I do think we're as bad as each other now though.

I have a really bad habit of buying lots of projects to do, but never quite finishing them all. I buy them faster than I complete them! I have picked a few as goals for this WIPocalypse, but I'm sure more will be added depending on need or inspiration.

The first is a Disney cross-stitch I am working on. It is based on artwork by Thomas Kinkade. The last one I did took 5 years to complete (eek). This one I'm 9 months in on. I'm not aiming to finish it, but I am aiming to make a big enough dent in it. For those who have seen earlier posts, I'm hoping I make enough of a dent for you to work out which one I'm working on!

The second is a very long running project. I have been 'making' a crochet doll and clothes for my friend's daughter for about 3 and a half years. I have been doing it for so long that the doll will now be for both her daughter and her son (whoops). But I only properly started crocheting it last year, hence the 'making' earlier. I intend to get this finished in the next month or so. As long as I stop deciding on more clothes to make!

The third is another in progress project. I have been making a Tilly and the Buttons Rosa shirt dress. The toile is all made, so I can now go ahead and make the dress properly out of the intended fabric! ('Scuse the mess in the background!)

Then we move onto projects not yet started! These will be a little quicker:

  • A TATB Joni dress out of marvelous rainbow stretch fabric
  • A Beauty and the Beast lap quilt
  • A Peter Pan fleece backed quilt (can't seem to find any pictures of the material)
  • A baby quilt for a work colleague (new to the list already!)
  • A lap quilt (that I remembered I wanted to do whilst typing this post)
  • A crochet jumper for myself (all the wool is ready to go!)

I'm hoping to at least clear parts of these projects and not get too distracted by others! 

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

OPAM December 2018

I can't believe it's the final OPAM of 2018 - and I have a few finishes!

Thank you as always to Peg and Kris for hosting!

My 3 finishes were all Christmas gifts, so I wasn't able to post about them fully before.

The first is a second present wrap. This was the mystery gift I mentioned last post; so now I have made two. My sister-in-law made the whole family present wraps in an effort to reduce waste. My brother asked me to make her a couple so she wasn't left out. My instructions were photos and a pack of material. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out and feel I may make more in the future!

The second finish is a Harry Potter cushion cover. Thanks to the advice given on this blog, I sewed the crest together before sticking it to the cushion. I had a slight incident with the bondaweb type stuff and my ironing board - it turns out cutting it to size is a necessity rather than a suggestion!

There was a bit of a mission to find thread to blanket stitch around it, in which the design guru decided I had nothing appropriate at home (grr) and then I decided to pattern match the back of the cushion. I did forget to consider a larger overlap, but hopefully a bit of velcro will solve that!
My little sister seemed very pleased with the cushion!

The final finish is another Advent Calendar. I made it for my mum as I had realised she has made us calendars over the year but has never had her own! I liked the slightly non-traditional colours; and this design actually has 25 pockets! Which I feel must be good luck or something! The binding was not quite cotton and a bit stiff. It means I have amazing corners but absolutely hated hand sewing them!

Finished pictures of the Advent Calendar are courtesy of the little sister - completely forgot to take any photos in my relief of having this finished in time! The backing is cream with golden snowflakes, and the binding is a rose gold sparkle (a weird combination in a way but it really works!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all.

Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 Goals Review

Back in January (which feels both ages ago and not that long ago at all!), I set myself some crafting targets.

Here they are, with how I did!

To Finish:
  • Beauty and the Beast cross-stitch - FINISHED
  • Baby quilt for work colleagues (by February) - FINISHED AND GIFTED
  • Crochet doll and dress-up clothes - DOLL FINISHED. CLOTHES IN PROGRESS

To Learn:
  • How to embroider - NOT DONE
  • How to English Paper Piece - NOT DONE

Would Like to Work On:
  • Beauty and the Beast material - NOT DONE

Overall I think I have done quite well - especially considering all the other projects I completed! I think Beauty and the Beast and my advent calendar have to be my favourites, followed by the baby quilt I made this Autumn. I also may not have learnt how to embroider or EPP but I did learn how to make a dress out of jersey, among other dressmaking skills (pictures of all 4 below).

Thank you to everyone who has read my posts, commented and given me advice, as well as given me wonderful blogs to read. Here's to a wonderful 2019 and lots more crafting!

Friday, 21 December 2018

Advent Calendar Blog Hop

As it is the 21st December (finally!) in the UK, it is my turn to post in Jo's amazing Advent Calendar Blog Hop.

Jo has posed us a question - what is my favourite Christmas song? I must admit that I have really struggled with an answer! I have tried to decide between classics like Wizzard's 'I wish it could be Christmas', Band Aid, and more traditional songs like '12 Days of Christmas'.

But I think my favourite has to be Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Mainly because I was in a choir until the age of 18, and it was such fun to sing. Especially the descant in the last verse - I remember being very proud when I was able to hit all those high notes! Not something I can do anymore, particularly as my voice has decided it wants to take a holiday this week. Hopefully this link will take you to the song.

I bizarrely don't have much Christmas stitching, but the one I do have I am incredibly proud of. It is the advent calendar I made myself this year (and a rather apt choice for an Advent Calendar blog hop!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, or festive break

Sunday, 16 December 2018

OPAM November

Now, don't be too shocked but I have actually managed a few more finishes! Considering this is my busiest time of year work-wise, I'm very amazed I've managed it. It has however taken me about half a month to post this!

The first finishes are my 5 mug rugs, which were all in varying states of finished. I have done a full post about them, so just a picture for you to enjoy:

The second finish is a surprise item commissioned by my big brother. More to follow after Christmas, but it took me out of my comfort zone as I had no pattern to follow - just photos of his idea!

Thank you as always to Peg and Kris for hosting

Saturday, 8 December 2018

A Spot of Applique

In my continuing race through projects, I decided on what I was going to do with some Harry Potter material I bought.
(Yes, I bought material without a proper plan for it, other than 'it will be something for the little sister'. I am now ignoring my own rules!)

I have decided to make a cushion, with the Hogwarts crest appliqued onto it. I sketched it out, and made some quick pattern pieces for it.

Now just decided whether to sew the pieces together before appliqueing them onto the cushion front itself....any advice is welcome

A couple of random additions to my post...I picked up this rather lovely pin this weekend. It's designed by a Cambridge-based Etsy seller, Pink Coat Club who has now branched out into a website. She does lots of lovely items but I thought this would be perfect for my pin badge collection!

And I finally gifted the rainbow cowl I made last year. Here it is being modeled by my friend Becky's dog, Brienne. Apparently Brienne was most annoyed when the cowl was taken off her and Becky wore it!!

FnwF January 2019

For the first time in a long time I finally remember the first Friday of the month was Friday Night With Friends! This is hosted by the love...